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Abduction in Shabwa Governorate by Shabwani Elite, Controlled by UAE


Genève – SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties warned against escalating human rights violations in Shabwa Yemeni governorate, against Al-Aualiq tribe, from which Anwar Al-Aulqi, the American citizen is descending. Anwar, AQAP suspect was killed by US drones attack on 30 September 2011.

SAM Organization said in statement that “the pursuit of Yemeni citizens from Al-Aualiq tribes, and abducting them by Shabwani Elite, operated by the UAE, and transferring them to military locations for interrogation, without distinguishing between men, women and children, is a flagrant violation of their legal rights provided by the national and international laws, particularly that relevant to children and women rights”. “these violations has disrupted women and children right to normal, safe and settled life”.

SAM Organization noted that the Shabwani Elite forces, abducted Naser bin Nashr Al-Aulaqi, from Ataq, on 5 August 2017, who was accompanying his relatives in Na’za checkpoint, 30 km far from Ataq, when returning from Mareb. The Shabwani Elite forces accompanied them to their house in Athaqafa neighborhood in Ataq, and searched the house and abducted Naser bin Nashrm his family, and his in-laws who attended the search. They’ve been transported by military helicopter to Belhaf, oil export terminal that belongs to Yemen Liquefied Gas Company.

On 8 August 2017, following mediation by sheiks and detainees relatives, 8 women and children were released and returned home, while men remain in custody unlawfully by the Shabwani Elite.

On Wednesday 10 p.m., 8 August 2017, the Shabwani Elite forces raided Hamza Mohammed Abdulah bin Farid Al-Aulqi, house in Athaqafa neighborhood, Ataq, and detained him. He was transferred then to Belhaf, according to eyewitness statement to SAM.

Shabwani Elite forces also, detained Saleh Ahmed Dhiefallah, a cab driver carrying passengers between Shabwa and Mareb, who was transporting Naser Al-Aulqi family members then.

SAM Organization has received reports that most of the abducted children are 8th and 9th-grade  students, in addition to one Al-Aulqi family member; Fahd Saleh Mohammed Dyan Al-Aulqi, from Markha, Khora district, who is a popular singer and Naser’s family in-law.

Nabeel Al-Baydhani, SAM chairman, said “people personal privacy should be respected and the judicial control officer shall not arrest or search any person’s house without the justified court warrant and at times specified by law. Also, personal liability should be ensured and not extended to other family members, and no one should be held accountable for others’ actions, regardless of how close they are”.

“the Shabwani Elite forces, and other similar forces, operated by UAE, shows great disrespect to the law and human rights, and we are concerned that more human rights violations will happen in many other areas” Al-Baydhani added.

Further, SAM organization indicated that the Shabwani Elite forces actions are a clear violation of article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person”, and article 9, “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile”.

SAM Organization called on the US government to clarify its position on these violations, considering the news that US forces are providing logistic support to the Shabwani Elite forces and the UAE forces in their recent operations in Shabwa.

SAM Organization also called on all Yemeni parties to stop all measures that breach people’s human rights according to the international human rights law and stressed that all citizens’ rights should be respected and preserved, and the Yemeni judiciary shall assume its role according to the constitution and laws.

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties

Genève,11 August 2017