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What is SAM?

SAM is non-profit organization based in Geneva was founded 2015 by a group of Human Rights activists, academics and professionals in Europe seeking to monitor human rights in Middle East and aim to put violations offenses under the radar of International decision-making institutions.

Why SAM was found?

 With the increasing of wars, armed conflicts and human rights violations. It was noted that some international bodies are using human rights issues to strengthen their political positions without care of the victims. Criminals have not prosecuted, Corruptors funds have not been confiscated and the global overlooked and ignored them.
So SAM came as a necessity moral and humanitarian.

Our Mission

Achieve the principle of human rights development in the communities by raising people’s awareness of their rights, deterring violators, stop the violations and seek to punish criminals and not them pass without punishment.

Our Vision

At each violation; A Monitor

At each crime; A Trial

Behind every human rights criminal; A Defender

With every decision-maker; An Office to deliver the truth

Our Values








SAM Management Team

Nabil Albaydani

Organization Director

Tawfik AlHumaidi

Documentation and Monitoring M...

Mousa AL-Namrani

Reports Quality Officer

Mohammed Mudhsh

Yemen Observing Team Leader

Alkhatab Al-Rawhani

PR & Digital Media Advisor

Nabila Ali

Team Coordinator