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SAM warns of a Catastrophic Humanitarian Situation in Sana’a

Geneva – SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties, condemned today, Monday, the serious violations to human rights in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, and other Yemeni governorates during the past two days, the executions of civilians and detonation of civilians’ houses. Also, restraining civilians’ movements by former president Saleh forces and Houthis militia.

SAM said in press release today, that Saleh and Houthis forces are exposing civilians’ life to risks in a serious violation to war laws, in particular, the international humanitarian law, calling upon all parties to the conflict in Sana’a, to safe civilians from the ravages of war and to neutralize houses and residential areas from the fighting risks.

SAM indicated that it has documented summary executions of Akram Al-Zurqa, 30, by Houthis militia in 3 December, in his house in Hajjah city, along with his son Adham, 15, before detonating the house later in the same day. Also, documented killing of civilians in Al-Hai Al-Syasi and Al-Hasaba due to the confrontations between the armed groups.

SAM has also monitored storming of some houses in Algeria street and in Al-Hai Al-Syasi and forcing of inhabitants to leave their houses, particularly children and women and turning them into snipers’ positions.

SAM mentioned that several civilians’ apartments were burned and damaged due to exchanged shelling, in addition to detonating of houses in Amran, Sana’a and Hajjah by Houthis militia.

Sana’a city is experiencing serious humanitarian situation, including lack of water supplies form nearby mosques and from public sources provided by charities, in addition to scarcity of food supplies and health care, due to inability of inhabitants to move, fearing the confrontations. In addition to difficulty of delivering humanitarian assistance and aids to the fighting zones.

SAM has also documented restriction of population movements by Houthis and Saleh forces, and shooting at sight in the neighbourhood, including use of tanks, and heavy weaponry in highly populated areas, thereby putting house at high risks.

SAM also documented attack on Yemen Today channel and detaining of more than 40 staff members of the channel, and blocking of a number of news websites.

SAM organization indicated that the armed groups used mosques in the fighting, including Balas mosques in Al-Hai Al-Syasi, and Abu Obaida mosque in Baghdad street.

Tawfeq Al-Humedi, monitoring and documenting officer at SAM expressed his concern over the situation in Sana’a, noting the escalating confrontations, and use of heavy and medium weaponries, exposing civilians’ life to risks, in light of continuous mobilization of forces by the conflicting parties.

Al-Humedi confirmed that the civilians should bear the burden of the ongoing fighting between the parties in Sana’a, calling all parties to the conflict to respect war laws and to resort to peaceful means.

SAM organization called upon the UN and the international community to work seriously to safe the civilians from the risks the are facing in Sana’a city, and upon the conflicting parties to withdraw their military forces from the populated areas to safe civilians from the violations.